Fir timber-framed post and beam structure timber-stained with Cedar Sikkens product.

What is a Hobby Farm?

A hobby farm is a smallholding that is maintained for a purpose other than a primary source of income. The majority of farms in America are hobby farms. They are often associated with a larger farm, and both properties share common resources. Hobby farms are lifestyle choices by established farmers who want to experiment with different methods. Hobby farms are also a way to reduce your property tax.

Spacious interior of hobby farm.

Hobby Farm Barn Construction

Mapping out a sketch of the barn design will leave no questions unanswered. Mr. Build barn builders can give you feedback on your design, and resolve logistical complications with ease. Important factors include the number of animals, nearby terrain, and access to driveways and roads. A strong barn may have three or more buildings for stability. Connecting these buildings by indoor corridors or underground walkways is especially useful for the cold winter months.

Gambrel roof design, exterior cladded with HardiePanel board, and cultured stone placed across the front of the barn.

Here are other features and functions of a typical hobby farm barn:
  • Hot water – A good water heater can minimize your power bill by recycling heat. Use hot water to treat injuries and sustain animals.
  • Washroom – You will not need to go outdoors if you have a washroom inside the barn. This can save a large amount of time in the long run.
  • Solar power – Solar power can be an excellent way to power your farm. It is sustainable, renewable, and consistent. Install panels that align with the sun.
  • Tractor – While a tractor might be intimidating, it is extremely convenient for a busy farm. Choose a small tractor that you can store inside a shed. Use it to smooth out the ground and transport items across fields.

This structure makes for a great barn for horses, chickens, goats and sheep!

Equipment for Hobby Farm Barns

If you are not familiar with the scope of a barn project, it is easy to underestimate the necessary equipment. By envisioning growth in the future, your farm will have room to grow.

Utilities for Barn Building

Each station should have electricity running to the appropriate equipment. If you want your farm to be a stable source of income, reliable power is necessary to continue operations at all hours. In addition to electricity, an adequate water supply is paramount. Research the water requirements for each animal; this can change depending on quantity, species, and season. In summer months, be prepared to direct more water to the barn and check for common signs of dehydration.

Hobby farm barn construction complete.

Insurance for Hobby Farm Barns

Securing insurance for your barn is a long term investment that can pay off heavily. Consider working with a different insurance company than the one that handles your original property. There are farm insurance entities that specialize in barn construction. As property insurance is closely related to health insurance, your health insurance provider can determine if you are eligible for any hidden discounts.

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