Dream Hobby Farm and Chicken Barn

dream hobby farm

This is a hobby farm and chicken barn under construction in Abbotsford, with foundation work being performed.

Mr. Build makes starting a dream hobby farm easy! Benefit from our years of experience in the farming industry by bringing Mr. Build on board to create your dream farm and chicken barn. We’ll take care of the building so you can focus on doing what you love – picking your favourite crops and animals.

We all know how good fresh food tastes. How good would it be if you collected your own eggs and grew your own produce? So good. You’ve daydreamed about having your own hobby farm and raising your own chickens, so make it happen! We can help. The expert builders at Mr. Build have worked with spaces just like yours – we’ve built farms on every scale, from tiny personal farms to huge commercial farms.

dream hobby farm

This is a hobby farm nearing completion.

dream hobby farm

Dream hobby farm and chicken barn under construction.

What To Consider:

  1. Will your chickens be for producing eggs (these are called “layers”) or for eating (these are called “broilers”).
  2. Will your chickens be raised in a conventional or free range setting?
  3. Which crops will you grow?
dream hobby farm

Hobby farm’s stable structure being built.

Once you’ve decided on what will be in your hobby farm and you know how much space you’re dedicating to it, we will take care of the rest. We will sketch design plans for you, discuss the timeline and cost with you, then manage the project with our team of planners and builders. We will help you get the proper permits to build your hobby farm and be available to answer any questions you may have.

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Dream Barn and Cow Loafing Area

dream barn

This is the concrete foundation for a cow loafing barn with a manure pit in the forefront. Under slab gravel is being prepared for placement of concrete floors.

Mr. Build constructs custom barns of all sizes. Why choose Mr. Build to build your dream barn? Our company is built on longtime relationships with clients and suppliers that provide us with a network of support. Our clients love to recommend us and our suppliers provide us with the best materials so we can build quality barns that exceed expectations.

Imagine It:

Can you imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment you’ll feel when you stand on your property looking at your newly built dream barn? Perhaps it’s got a raised roof, lined with solar panels, a spacious interior, thick plywood floors, large sliding doors, floor heating, and a warmly furnished office with a large desk and unique arched windows. Whether you’ve had your barn for years and feel like it’s time for a change or you’ve just decided to build your first barn, make sure you get the barn of your dreams.

The First Step is the Hardest:

dream barn

This is a suspended slab being formed and a rebar placement taking place for the manure pit suspended slab.

You’ve already completed the first step, which is to find the right builders who specialize in creating custom barns for clients with big dreams. The Mr. Build team will be right there with you every step of the way, providing building plans, discussing ideas and helping you get the permits you need. We are the experts in turning dream barns into reality. You can expect the highest level of attention to detail from us. We will listen to your ideas and incorporate all the elements you want your barn to have. We’re also here to lend our expertise in the best barn-building practices, so building your dream barn will involve plenty of informed discussion and exciting building plans.


Once It’s Done:

dream barn

This is the aerial view of the placement and finishing of the concrete slabs for both the feed alley and cow beds. Power trowel action is taking place to ensure a hard finish to the feed alley.

With a dream barn built by Mr. Build, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your barn. Your dream barn will be built with the foundations that will help it last. The barn will have a highly stable structure and the great adaptability that will help it weather the changing seasons and the changing times. We understand the needs of your barn animals and the barn of your dreams will not only be beautiful, but also have amazing functionality. A custom built barn can only make your life better, easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Let’s create a safe place for you to work and relax, streamlining the process of feeding, watering, cleaning and maintaining your animals.


We Think About It So You Don’t Have To:

dream barn

This is the interior view of a cow barn nearing completion. The barn has clear polycarbonate skylights, allowing natural light to filter the complete barn.

  1. Dream Barn Ventilation
    Air quality is important for the health and wellness of both you and your animals. That is why our builders design with air quality in mind. When you have Mr. Build building your dream barn, you know that your barn will have proper ventilation, preventing excess moisture, dust and bacteria buildup.

  2. Dream Barn Lighting
    Gentle natural light is comforting to everyone, so Mr. Build considers how sunlight will filter into your dream barn during different times of the day. For electrical lights, we can discuss different options that provide savings in both energy and cost.

  3. Dream Barn Energy
    How will you power your lights, run your appliances and heat or cool your barn? For the serious future-thinkers, we offer the latest in energy alternatives, such as geo-thermal energy and solar energy. After all, this is a dream barn we’re talking about – we want you to love it for years to come. Geothermal energy is highly efficient for heating and cooling large spaces and barn roofs are perfect surfaces for placing solar panels. If these aren’t options you’ve thought of before, feel free to ask us about it.
dream barn

This is the process framing and placing trusses.

dream barn

This is the completed view of a loafing barn.

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Dream Garage With Suite

dream garage with suite

This is a finished shop and suite.

Mr. Build will build your dream garage – with an attached suite. When you hire the right people, you can greatly improve the value of your home. Make the most of your property and renovate your garage into a cozy space with an attached suite for guests, family or rental.

We can turn any garage into a haven – a space that you can relax in. Whether you know exactly what you want or you want us to bring the fresh ideas, we will accommodate your needs and make sure you are excited about your construction or renovation project.

What We Do:

1. sketch plans
2. discuss ideas
3. obtain permits
4. build/manage project
5. communicate constantly so you can rest easy

A garage with an attached suite is a great idea for maximizing the use of your property. The suite can provide much needed space for a growing family, a cozy place for visitors to stay or a secondary income from renters. Remember the excitement of decorating your home? Now you can have the opportunity to define a new space without having to move.

dream garage with suite

This is the framing stage of a 30′ X 50′ garage with an inlaw suite above.

dream garage with suite

This is a finished shop and suite.

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Dream Garage & Shop Construction

Mr. Build specializes in building dream garages and work shops. We come highly recommended after every project because of our dedication to client satisfaction. Whether you want a safe place for your favourite vehicle, or a personal workshop space with shiny concrete floors, Mr. Build will prioritize your requirements and provide solutions that fit your budget.

Here are some features you could add to your dream garage:

1. Art on the walls. Whether you like abstract art or modern photography, you can get your favourite pieces of art printed on canvas or framed for your garage wall. You probably pass through your garage at least twice a day, so add a touch of your style to the place. With a couple choice pieces of art on the walls, you’ll instantly have the classiest garage in town.

2. Custom tool wall. It’s time top stop dumping the tools in the corners and on rickety shelves. Instead, build a cool and functional tool wall to hold all your most important tools. Each tool will have its own place. Not only does this give your wall a high-tech look, it will make fixing and building things that much more efficient and that much more fun!

3. Bike hooks on the ceiling. Ok, so your wall space is now full, but your ceiling isn’t! Garages are functional places, so make sure to use all the space you have, including the ceiling. Add bike hooks to the ceiling so you can store your bikes and still have space to move around.

Get started on creating a dream garage. Call Mr. Build today for a free consultation at (604) 798-9333.

garage workshop carriage home

This is a work shop, garage and carriage home under construction.

garage construction

This is the exterior finishing of a work shop, garage and carriage home.

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Tony Meyer

I asked Mr. build to quote on a house/shop build for my new home in the middle of 2012. Any time I had a question I would phone or email and get looked after right away. Throughout the whole process I never once worried about anything to do with the build. Mr. Build looked after every aspect of the building and I couldn’t be happier with the finished project.

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