Are you looking for a way to spruce up your patio? If so, you should consider making a concrete patio with some color. Although the natural color of concrete is gray, there are techniques that are used to add a variety of hues to enhance outdoor areas. Concrete is one of the top choices for patios that offers numerous color options.

Site preparation for concrete patio, including compacted gravel base, rebar grid and placement of forms.

Outdoor Patio Construction Color Options

What are some of the colors that are available for your patio?
  • Tan – This is one choice that many people prefer. It is often referred to as adobe or sand because of the light color. Typically, it will have some undertones of yellow or white. It is an earthy color and blends well with any outdoor area.
  • Brown – If you would like a darker color, consider brown. This is also a color that enhances patios and does not show dirt as much as lighter colors.
  • Amber and Red – These are other shades that can be used for patios. The colors are muted – not bright – to add an earthy tone to the concrete.
These are just a few of the options available. Almost any color can be created depending on your preferences.

Patio Builders Can Design Your Patio to Your Specifications

Working with a builder to design your concrete patio is one of the best ways to get the outdoor area that you have in mind. An initial consultation is the first step to finding out what type of patio you want. The builder will provide sketches for your consideration and when you are satisfied, the construction can begin. When choosing among patio companies, ask for detailed drawings so that you can see how the finished job will look with the color that you have chosen. This ensures that you are getting exactly what you had envisioned.

Using Your New Concrete Patio

Many people use their patios for entertaining, family time, or relaxing. Having a patio that enhances your home not only adds beauty, but it can also add value if you should ever decide to sell. Since more people are using outdoor areas as extensions of their home, they want a space that is attractive and practical.

Colored concrete patio with a light broom finish for hot tub and sitting area!

How to Choose Concrete Patio Colors

Deciding on the right color for your patio will depend on several things. Many people choose certain aspects of their home, such as the roof or the color of their home to help them decide on a color for the patio. For example, if your roof is gray, a good color for the patio would be a gray-green. It is just as important to choose colors that complement each other on the outside of your home as it is for the inside. When you are ready to start your patio project, contact Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333 for your free consultation.