Mr. Build specializes in building dream garages and work shops. We come highly recommended after every project because of our dedication to client satisfaction. Whether you want a safe place for your favourite vehicle, or a personal workshop space with shiny concrete floors, Mr. Build will prioritize your requirements and provide solutions that fit your budget.

Here are some features you could add to your dream garage:

1. Art on the walls. Whether you like abstract art or modern photography, you can get your favourite pieces of art printed on canvas or framed for your garage wall. You probably pass through your garage at least twice a day, so add a touch of your style to the place. With a couple choice pieces of art on the walls, you’ll instantly have the classiest garage in town.

2. Custom tool wall. It’s time top stop dumping the tools in the corners and on rickety shelves. Instead, build a cool and functional tool wall to hold all your most important tools. Each tool will have its own place. Not only does this give your wall a high-tech look, it will make fixing and building things that much more efficient and that much more fun!

3. Bike hooks on the ceiling. Ok, so your wall space is now full, but your ceiling isn’t! Garages are functional places, so make sure to use all the space you have, including the ceiling. Add bike hooks to the ceiling so you can store your bikes and still have space to move around.

Get started on creating a dream garage. Call Mr. Build today for a free consultation at (604) 798-9333.

garage workshop carriage home

This is a work shop, garage and carriage home under construction.

garage construction

This is the exterior finishing of a work shop, garage and carriage home.