dream hobby farm

This is a hobby farm and chicken barn under construction in Abbotsford, with foundation work being performed.

Mr. Build makes starting a dream hobby farm easy! Benefit from our years of experience in the farming industry by bringing Mr. Build on board to create your dream farm and chicken barn. We’ll take care of the building so you can focus on doing what you love – picking your favourite crops and animals.

We all know how good fresh food tastes. How good would it be if you collected your own eggs and grew your own produce? So good. You’ve daydreamed about having your own hobby farm and raising your own chickens, so make it happen! We can help. The expert builders at Mr. Build have worked with spaces just like yours – we’ve built farms on every scale, from tiny personal farms to huge commercial farms.

dream hobby farm

This is a hobby farm nearing completion.

dream hobby farm

Dream hobby farm and chicken barn under construction.

What To Consider:

  1. Will your chickens be for producing eggs (these are called “layers”) or for eating (these are called “broilers”).
  2. Will your chickens be raised in a conventional or free range setting?
  3. Which crops will you grow?
dream hobby farm

Hobby farm’s stable structure being built.

Once you’ve decided on what will be in your hobby farm and you know how much space you’re dedicating to it, we will take care of the rest. We will sketch design plans for you, discuss the timeline and cost with you, then manage the project with our team of planners and builders. We will help you get the proper permits to build your hobby farm and be available to answer any questions you may have.