A gazebo is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. The roof will protect you from the summer heat and allow you to enjoy a gentle breeze. Gazebos can be constructed in a variety of designs from octagonal to round, square, rectangular or oblong. Mr. Build has more than 20 years of experience constructing gazebos as well as decks, garages, barns, and many other types of buildings.

Concrete work, including preparing the site, placing rebar, setting forms, and placing concrete.

Planning a Timber-Frame Gazebo

A gazebo constructed from hardwoods such as redwood or cedar is a popular choice. These types of wood are naturally resistant to moisture and are quite durable. Combining a hardwood with the construction of the gazebo on a concrete pad will allow it to last for many years. An initial consultation with Mr. Build to discuss the type of gazebo you are interested in building is the first step. We can provide you with recommendations on the best way to proceed to construct a timber-frame gazebo that meets your expectations. We supply you with preliminary sketches, and you can decide on the design you want.

Starting the Gazebo Construction Process

Mr. Build’s team includes concrete contractors who are experts at pouring concrete with the proper thickness for the slab to prevent flooding. The concrete work is the first stage of construction. There are several steps that must be taken to prepare the concrete foundation. This will include:
  • Preparing the site
  • Digging the footing
  • Constructing the forms
  • Pouring the concrete
Once all this has been completed, the next step is the construction of the gazebo. The design you have chosen will begin to take shape, whether you opted for rotunda, pagoda, pergola, or your own custom design.

Stamped concrete finished with a clear coat (Cure & Seal finish), including footings and steel post saddles for a timber-frame gazebo.

Using Your Gazebo Building

The use of the gazebo is only limited by your imagination, and your gazebo can be customized however you choose. We can include access to electricity for a ceiling fan, lighting, or your laptop. Some clients have even requested that their gazebo include wiring for internet or the installation of a hot tub. The more comfortable your gazebo is, the more time you’ll likely spend in the structure as an extension of your home.

Timber-frame gazebo with 2X6 T&G fir ceiling, roof decking boards, Prolok standing seam metal roof, deck surface finished with a composite product, hot tub installation, and black metal railings.

Your project can be completed expertly and on time when you choose Mr. Build for all your building needs. We have had many satisfied customers and will be pleased to help with any project you have in mind. Call us at (604) 798-9333 and schedule your free consultation when you are ready to get started.