There are a number of things to consider when you want to build a horse barn. Providing a space that not only keeps the animals safe, but is also functional and durable is important. In addition, your barn will need to be large enough to accommodate the number of horses that it will be housing.

Concrete foundation and slab for four-stall horse barn with hay storage and lean-to.

What Affects the Cost of Building a Horse Barn?

Of course, the size of your barn will be one consideration. Although you may be thinking of a small barn for a couple of horses, it might be a good idea to have a larger one constructed. You may choose to purchase a couple more horses or even consider breeding. What else should you think about when planning a budget for your horse barn?
  • Space for feed
  • Equipment storage
  • A tack room
  • A hayloft
  • Foaling box
  • Wash rack
Planning for everything that will be included is a must as this will be figured into the cost to build a barn.

Other Features That Add to the Cost to Build a Barn

There are many things that must be taken into account when figuring the cost of building a barn. If you are planning on using it for many years, cutting costs on certain features of the barn can cost more over time. Replacing floors, veterinarian costs for injured horses, and other losses are just some of these costs. This is why it is important to choose an expert when it comes to constructing a barn. Ask for an estimate according to the size and design you prefer. It can range from a few thousand to several thousand dollars.

Horse and sheep barn, including hay loft storage for 600 bales as well as lean-tos around the sides and back to shelter the livestock from the sun and rain.

How to Build a Barn

Most people do not know how to build a barn. It is more than just constructing a building. From the foundation to the lumber chosen, the hardware, and safety features, there are many things that must be considered. The placement of the barn is another consideration. Choosing a company that is knowledgeable in what it takes to construct a well-designed, efficient, and durable building is essential. In addition, the barn must be able to withstand the elements. This is why many people choose steel for barn construction.

Zoning Regulations Generally Apply When Building a Barn

Yet another reason to choose a company that is experienced in all aspects of construction is local ordinances and zoning that can affect your construction. Select a company that has the experience in constructing all types of buildings including horse barns. This will ensure that the company can take care of all of phases of the barn construction including permits and environmental concerns.

Choose the Right Contractor

If you have decided to build a horse barn, you want it to have all the features that you will need, no matter what type you choose. The best use of the space will depend on the design. An experienced contractor will provide you with an initial consultation to discuss budget and what you have in mind. Don’t forget to ask for sketches for a preliminary design and more detailed drawings for your approval. Call Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333 and consult with the experts when you are ready to build a horse barn.