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Chilliwack Commercial Renovations Contractor

A commercial or home renovation begins with choosing the right contractor. When you need an addition, an upgrade, or a total renovation, Mr. Build can help. We have been doing Abbotsford renovations and Chilliwack renovations for more than 20 years. Does your business need modifications to allow better functionality? Perhaps you would like to replace an outdated warehouse or office space. Do you need a guesthouse, a barn, or a garage added to your property? Regardless of what type of renovations are needed, here are a few things that need to be considered first.

Have a Budget

One of the first things you will need to think about is a budget. There are very few people who can just have commercial or home construction or renovations done at any price. A budget will keep you on track, whether it is an office renovation, warehouse renovation, washroom renovations, basement renovations, or any type of house renovation.

Renovation companies such as Mr. Build can provide the initial consultation to provide you with estimated costs of the project. This can include preliminary sketches for what you have in mind. With our experience in all types of commercial and house renovation, we know exactly what it takes for renovations, new construction, and upgrades.

Separate Your Needs and Wants

Before making any decisions on what will be included for the commercial renovation, decide what is actually needed and what you would like to have. There is a difference. Needed features or additions are why the renovation was even being considered in the first place. If it is not something that adds to the functionality, it is likely a want. Ask yourself if it is going to be helpful in anyway. Is it going to increase profits? If not, it is a want that should only be considered after what is needed. This holds true for commercial improvements or complete building projects.

The Process of Commercial Renovations

What is involved in the commercial renovations process? There are several things to consider such as city codes and permits. Rather than allowing the commercial renovation to become overwhelming, one of the best ways to keep track during the entire process is to utilize a commercial renovations checklist. This will help keep everything flowing smoothly from beginning to end during the entire process.

The following is an example of a commercial renovations checklist:

  • Inspection of the site
  • The commercial renovation concept
  • Get the plans together
  • Design of the diagrams that specify all aspects of the project
  • Procure permits
  • Submit the permits
  • Choose the general contractor or site manager

When you need commercial renovations, home renos, or an addition to your home or business, Mr. Build is an excellent choice for all your needs. We have the experience and the expertise to handle virtually any project. Our team will be happy to assist you with all your building needs.

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Gordon G.

“John and his team did a great job in building our carriage home for us. Everything was done as agreed to and had no issues at all including the timelines. They handles all the permits and helped us out with the design. Appreciate the professional service and kindness.”

Leisa Munro

“These guys are awesome! I’ve had a few contractors in my days and John and his crew are by far the best, ever! From day one, he was quick, efficient and a work horse, all of them! John presented the best solutions and ideas, it was like he was in my head. Highly recommended. Thanks John and all your crew.”

Richard Henderson

“We had our windows and front entrance replaced. The concrete stairs and front brick was removed. A new set of stairs and landing were constructed. The brick was replaced with cultured stone. I am quite satisfied with the completed project. John’s crew and the sub trades did a great job.”

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