What is the Cost of Building a Horse Barn?

There are a number of things to consider when you want to build a horse barn. Providing a space that not only keeps the animals safe, but is also functional and durable is important. In addition, your barn will need to be large enough to accommodate the number of horses that it will be housing.

Concrete foundation and slab for four-stall horse barn with hay storage and lean-to.

What Affects the Cost of Building a Horse Barn?

Of course, the size of your barn will be one consideration. Although you may be thinking of a small barn for a couple of horses, it might be a good idea to have a larger one constructed. You may choose to purchase a couple more horses or even consider breeding. What else should you think about when planning a budget for your horse barn?
  • Space for feed
  • Equipment storage
  • A tack room
  • A hayloft
  • Foaling box
  • Wash rack
Planning for everything that will be included is a must as this will be figured into the cost to build a barn.

Other Features That Add to the Cost to Build a Barn

There are many things that must be taken into account when figuring the cost of building a barn. If you are planning on using it for many years, cutting costs on certain features of the barn can cost more over time. Replacing floors, veterinarian costs for injured horses, and other losses are just some of these costs. This is why it is important to choose an expert when it comes to constructing a barn. Ask for an estimate according to the size and design you prefer. It can range from a few thousand to several thousand dollars.

Horse and sheep barn, including hay loft storage for 600 bales as well as lean-tos around the sides and back to shelter the livestock from the sun and rain.

How to Build a Barn

Most people do not know how to build a barn. It is more than just constructing a building. From the foundation to the lumber chosen, the hardware, and safety features, there are many things that must be considered. The placement of the barn is another consideration. Choosing a company that is knowledgeable in what it takes to construct a well-designed, efficient, and durable building is essential. In addition, the barn must be able to withstand the elements. This is why many people choose steel for barn construction.

Zoning Regulations Generally Apply When Building a Barn

Yet another reason to choose a company that is experienced in all aspects of construction is local ordinances and zoning that can affect your construction. Select a company that has the experience in constructing all types of buildings including horse barns. This will ensure that the company can take care of all of phases of the barn construction including permits and environmental concerns.

Choose the Right Contractor

If you have decided to build a horse barn, you want it to have all the features that you will need, no matter what type you choose. The best use of the space will depend on the design. An experienced contractor will provide you with an initial consultation to discuss budget and what you have in mind. Don’t forget to ask for sketches for a preliminary design and more detailed drawings for your approval. Call Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333 and consult with the experts when you are ready to build a horse barn.

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Chilliwack Front Entrance Ideas and Design

If you need a fresh new look for your entrance, there are several ways of sprucing up this area. Since it is the first thing that is noticed by visitors and passers-by, this is an area that needs to look its best. Begin by thinking about the design that you want, and make sure it goes well with the rest of the home.

Timber-framed front entry with cultured stone around the base of the posts.

Front Entrance Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Consider what you want the entrance of your home to project. Do you have a limited amount of space or a large porch and yard? If the area is small, there are ways to make it look larger. Are there windows on each side of the front door? If so, consider replacing them with long windows. If there are no windows, adding long windows if possible, can open up the entrance and make it seem bigger.

Front Door Ideas to Consider

The front door has changed over the years. Rather than just a way of entering the home, today, the entrance door is a preview of the rest of the house. Color is one of the ideas that must be considered. Many people choose wood doors. They can be stained or painted to match other elements of the home such as the trim, porch, the exterior siding, and the steps and/or railing. The doors can have glass or not. It really depends on your preferences.

Choosing Front Door Designs

There are several front door designs that will make quite a first impression to the entrance of your home. One thing to keep in mind is the style of the home. An ornate door would look out of place on a modest home. The door should be wide enough so that moving furniture in or out is not a problem. What are some of the designs for front doors?
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Arched
  • Craftsman
The design chosen should fit the home’s exterior as well as the personal style of the homeowner.

Pre-stained timber and ceiling boards as well as metal cladding on the roof with gutters and down pipes.

Entrance Home Renovation

Renovating the entrance to your home can make a huge difference to the look. Lighting is one of the important aspects. Remember people will visit and see your home at night as well as in the daylight hours. Revamping an old rundown porch or adding one is a good way of creating an entrance that will benefit your home. Depending on the architectural style of the home, adding details such as columns and moldings is another way to give the entrance a new look. In addition, railings and trim can be updated.

Consult a Home Builder for Ideas

If you are having a difficult time coming up with ideas to make your entrance appealing, it can help to consult a home builder who will have all kinds of ideas and designs from which to choose. A home builder can design something that fits the style of your home. Not only will visitors and others enjoy your new entry, but you will also take pleasure in the updated look.

BC box front-entry addition, including a covered porch, new concrete stairs and railings, wood front door with side light, cedar siding, and painted wood trims.

Get a free consultation when you are ready for a new appearance for your entrance by calling Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333.

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Paving Stone Patio Ideas

Patios can be part of the pool area or they may be the outdoor area where family and guests gather for dinner, entertainment, or just to relax. Either way, there are several ways to make your patio attractive. A paving stone patio is one of the most popular choices. Also called pavers, the stones are easy to install, and there is no waiting to begin using your new patio.


Preparation of the wood retaining wall.

What Are Some Stone Patio Ideas?

The days of plain-poured concrete patios are gone. Today, there are so many colors and options for design that your patio will never be boring. It will be one of your favorite places to spend time. There are several patterns that you can choose from to create a stunning look. What are some of these patterns?

  • Herringbone
  • Random “I”
  • Runner
  • Ashlar
  • Hopscotch
  • Diamond Straight
  • Diamond Offset

In addition to the patterns, you will want to choose the type of paving stone, the color, and the texture. All of these aspects will be what pulls your patio together to allow it to accent your home and the surrounding landscaping.

Custom Construction – Patio Planning for Your Family

A custom patio can be constructed to your specifications. Creating an outdoor space that can be used for anything you choose is a matter of deciding what features you want for your patio. Do you want it to have a cooking area? Perhaps you want a large seating area and an outdoor fireplace, so you can enjoy it on cool evenings. Maybe it is going to be your personal retreat. What you plan to use it for will help you decide on the type of paving stones, color, and design.

Pressure-treated wood retaining wall

Pressure-treated wood retaining wall.

Why Build a Patio?

Consider constructing a patio if your home does not have one. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space or a large area for the patio. It can be any size you choose. Small, intimate patios are perfect just to relax and enjoy spending time outdoors. A large patio is a good place for everyone to get together for entertaining or family time. Choose a patio company that is knowledgeable in all aspects of building a patio, including any permits or codes that may be required in the area where you live.

Patio surfaced with paving stone

Patio surfaced with paving stone.

Choosing the Right Patio and Deck Builders

In addition to selecting the materials you want your patio constructed from, you will need to ensure that you choose builders that are experienced in this type of construction. A meeting to discuss exactly what you want for your new outdoor space is essential. The builders should provide preliminary plans for the patio subject to your approval. This will allow changes to be made should something not be what you had in mind. The builder will make suggestions to help you decide on the type of paving stones, colors, and layout. This can help you to make an informed decision so that you end up with a patio that you will enjoy for years.

If you are considering updating a patio or building one, contact Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333 friendly, professional, and quality service.

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Colored Concrete Patio Construction in Chilliwack

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your patio? If so, you should consider making a concrete patio with some color. Although the natural color of concrete is gray, there are techniques that are used to add a variety of hues to enhance outdoor areas. Concrete is one of the top choices for patios that offers numerous color options.

Site preparation for concrete patio, including compacted gravel base, rebar grid and placement of forms.

Outdoor Patio Construction Color Options

What are some of the colors that are available for your patio?
  • Tan – This is one choice that many people prefer. It is often referred to as adobe or sand because of the light color. Typically, it will have some undertones of yellow or white. It is an earthy color and blends well with any outdoor area.
  • Brown – If you would like a darker color, consider brown. This is also a color that enhances patios and does not show dirt as much as lighter colors.
  • Amber and Red – These are other shades that can be used for patios. The colors are muted – not bright – to add an earthy tone to the concrete.
These are just a few of the options available. Almost any color can be created depending on your preferences.

Patio Builders Can Design Your Patio to Your Specifications

Working with a builder to design your concrete patio is one of the best ways to get the outdoor area that you have in mind. An initial consultation is the first step to finding out what type of patio you want. The builder will provide sketches for your consideration and when you are satisfied, the construction can begin. When choosing among patio companies, ask for detailed drawings so that you can see how the finished job will look with the color that you have chosen. This ensures that you are getting exactly what you had envisioned.

Using Your New Concrete Patio

Many people use their patios for entertaining, family time, or relaxing. Having a patio that enhances your home not only adds beauty, but it can also add value if you should ever decide to sell. Since more people are using outdoor areas as extensions of their home, they want a space that is attractive and practical.

Colored concrete patio with a light broom finish for hot tub and sitting area!

How to Choose Concrete Patio Colors

Deciding on the right color for your patio will depend on several things. Many people choose certain aspects of their home, such as the roof or the color of their home to help them decide on a color for the patio. For example, if your roof is gray, a good color for the patio would be a gray-green. It is just as important to choose colors that complement each other on the outside of your home as it is for the inside. When you are ready to start your patio project, contact Mr. Build at (604) 798-9333 for your free consultation.

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Timber Gazebo Construction & Concrete Work

A gazebo is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. The roof will protect you from the summer heat and allow you to enjoy a gentle breeze. Gazebos can be constructed in a variety of designs from octagonal to round, square, rectangular or oblong. Mr. Build has more than 20 years of experience constructing gazebos as well as decks, garages, barns, and many other types of buildings.

Concrete work, including preparing the site, placing rebar, setting forms, and placing concrete.

Planning a Timber-Frame Gazebo

A gazebo constructed from hardwoods such as redwood or cedar is a popular choice. These types of wood are naturally resistant to moisture and are quite durable. Combining a hardwood with the construction of the gazebo on a concrete pad will allow it to last for many years. An initial consultation with Mr. Build to discuss the type of gazebo you are interested in building is the first step. We can provide you with recommendations on the best way to proceed to construct a timber-frame gazebo that meets your expectations. We supply you with preliminary sketches, and you can decide on the design you want.

Starting the Gazebo Construction Process

Mr. Build’s team includes concrete contractors who are experts at pouring concrete with the proper thickness for the slab to prevent flooding. The concrete work is the first stage of construction. There are several steps that must be taken to prepare the concrete foundation. This will include:
  • Preparing the site
  • Digging the footing
  • Constructing the forms
  • Pouring the concrete
Once all this has been completed, the next step is the construction of the gazebo. The design you have chosen will begin to take shape, whether you opted for rotunda, pagoda, pergola, or your own custom design.

Stamped concrete finished with a clear coat (Cure & Seal finish), including footings and steel post saddles for a timber-frame gazebo.

Using Your Gazebo Building

The use of the gazebo is only limited by your imagination, and your gazebo can be customized however you choose. We can include access to electricity for a ceiling fan, lighting, or your laptop. Some clients have even requested that their gazebo include wiring for internet or the installation of a hot tub. The more comfortable your gazebo is, the more time you’ll likely spend in the structure as an extension of your home.

Timber-frame gazebo with 2X6 T&G fir ceiling, roof decking boards, Prolok standing seam metal roof, deck surface finished with a composite product, hot tub installation, and black metal railings.

Your project can be completed expertly and on time when you choose Mr. Build for all your building needs. We have had many satisfied customers and will be pleased to help with any project you have in mind. Call us at (604) 798-9333 and schedule your free consultation when you are ready to get started.

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