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Chilliwack Rancher Renovations

What’s a Rancher?

A rancher refers to a house that only has one level and contains certain architectural features. These homes typically have the following features:

  • Long roofline
  • Open floor plan
  • Large picture window
  • Patio with sliding glass doors
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Attached garage
  • Bedrooms and living areas in different parts of the home

Common Rancher Style Home Renovations

Rancher-style homes have a certain nostalgic charm to them, but that doesn’t mean they need to keep the same look for decades. There are several ways to make changes to a rancher style home with the help of a renovation contractor. Some of the most common types of renovations for these homes include the following:

  • Putting in more windows: One of the drawbacks of rancher style homes is that their interiors can seem dark, which can create a closed-in look and feel. Adding windows helps bring in more natural light that can make these homes seem more open and airy.
  • Choosing lighter floors and walls: Rancher style homes typically have dark wood paneling on the walls and dark carpeting, hardwood or vinyl floors. One of the most effective ways to update the look of these homes is to remove dark wall paneling and paint the walls in a lighter color. Darker carpets and floors can be replaced with lighter tones.
  • Removing popcorn ceilings: This ceiling style, which dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, can make homes look old and dated. Replacing it with a lighter color and a smooth texture or smooth can make these homes look more modern.

History of Rancher-Style Homes

Rancher-style homes date back to the 1920s, although they didn’t become a common architectural style until the 1940s. These one-level homes, which were first built in the United States, were among the most common types of houses from the 1940s through the 1970s. Although they first appeared in the U.S., they became a popular architectural style in Canada and other countries as well. Rancher-style homes started to become less common in the late 1900s, but they have been experiencing a revival.

Seniors and Rancher-Style Homes

Seniors typically prefer living in rancher-style homes rather than homes with more than one level. In fact, 88 percent of seniors prefer rancher style homes according to a study done by the National Association of Home Builders. These homes provide seniors with a safer and more comfortable living environment, especially if they are have mobility problems. Seniors who live in these homes do not have to worry about going up and down stairs, which helps reduce the risk of falls. These homes also make it easier for seniors with arthritis and other medical conditions to get around, since every room is on the same level.

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Gordon G.

“John and his team did a great job in building our carriage home for us. Everything was done as agreed to and had no issues at all including the timelines. They handles all the permits and helped us out with the design. Appreciate the professional service and kindness.”

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“These guys are awesome! I’ve had a few contractors in my days and John and his crew are by far the best, ever! From day one, he was quick, efficient and a work horse, all of them! John presented the best solutions and ideas, it was like he was in my head. Highly recommended. Thanks John and all your crew.”

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“We had our windows and front entrance replaced. The concrete stairs and front brick was removed. A new set of stairs and landing were constructed. The brick was replaced with cultured stone. I am quite satisfied with the completed project. John’s crew and the sub trades did a great job.”

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