Dairy Barn Construction in Chilliwack

Dairy barn construction is a project that requires choosing the right builder. Mr. Build is a contractor with more than 20 years of experience building all types of barns as well as other types of construction. Planning and communication with your builder are the most important factors related to the outcome of the project. Mr. Build will handle all aspects of your project beginning with the initial consultation when we assess your needs to ensure positive results.

Dairy barn site prep and foundation, including placement of footers, placement of foundation walls, and preparation for under-slab manure pit.

How Much Does a Barn Cost?

The barn cost can vary and is estimated depending on certain factors such as:
  • The size of the barn you want
  • Preparation of the site
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Detail work
It is a good idea to come up with a budget for the entire project. Mr. Build will meet with you to discuss everything from the site preparation to the licensing and permits. This will allow you to see exactly what you can afford to suit your budget.

Dairy barn concrete foundation, including aerial view of finished concrete slab with building ready for framing.

Choosing a Cow Barn Builder

When you choose a builder, you will want to ensure that the builder is trustworthy and professional. Mr. Build has a reliable team that has worked together for many years, and dairy barns are one of our specialties. We are members of WorkSafe BC and the Better Business Bureau where we have an AAA+ rating. You can rest assured that the job will be finished correctly.

Foundation for Dairy Barns

The foundation for a dairy barn must be level and secure for the entire stability of the building, and Chilliwack building codes will affect the requirements of the foundation. Many barns in the area have a poured concrete foundation. We make sure your foundation is installed properly so that your barn can withstand all types of weather from snow to ice, rain, and wind.

Dairy barn planning, design, and engineering, including post and beam structure with engineered wood trusses, placement of a parallel cord truss, and metal cladding on the roof and exterior walls.

Cattle Barn Structure

Just as the foundation of a barn must be stable enough to brave the elements, the structure must be strong enough as well. In order for the livestock to produce at their best, the structure must provide them with firm footing to avoid injury. It must offer easy access to water and food, and a place to rest. Sometimes people cut corners to save on construction, but sacrificing the comfort of the livestock can result in lower production that can last many years. When you are ready for a free consultation to discuss building your dairy barn, Mr. Build will be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (604) 798-9333.

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Chilliwack Deck Renovation Ideas


Resurfaced deck with a 72 mil vinyl deck membrane.

A deck is perfect for entertaining or just relaxing. Mr. Build can help you plan a renovation to upgrade an existing deck. There are several ideas that will help to enhance this extension of your home.

Deck Renovation & Landscape

There are many designs that will blend in with your yard. A pool and the beautiful landscaping is enhanced with a deck that allows you to enjoy the view. Whether your deck is on the ground floor or an extension of a second floor, it should allow the best use and view of your yard. Maybe your deck will lead to your pool. When you add a barbecue area, it creates the best place for spending warm summer days. If your home is in on a hill, a second-floor deck will provide a great spot for a view of your property and the surrounding terrain.

Types of Decking Materials

Choose from a variety of materials for your deck repair. Wood, vinyl, concrete, and composite decking are all options that can be chosen. Consider which one will provide the best look and the ease of maintenance you desire. If you like wood but want something that requires less maintenance, solid composite can give you this look with many benefits. It is not prone to splintering. It lasts longer and is made from recycled materials. Vinyl decking is another option that can give you the look of wood – it is very durable, and will withstand extreme cold and heat.

Railings for Decks

Deck renovations should include new railings. They are just as important as the deck to give the renovation the finishing touch. There are all types of railings that can be used including:

  • Ornamental iron
  • Glass
  • Composite
  • Cable
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

Choose railings that will not only offer a good look for the deck but can also provide safety. If small children will be spending time on the deck, the railings should be chosen with this in mind.


Installation of white metal fascia wrap around deck.

Décor for Your Deck Restoration

Once your deck repair is completed, you will want to furnish it with everything needed to make it a place to enjoy. There are all types of seating that you can consider. Benches, patio sets, loungers, Adirondack chairs, and even rocking chairs are a few of the types that can be used to provide comfortable seating for you, your family, and guests. Plants add beauty to the deck. Mix and match different types with large plants that sit on the deck floor, some that hang, and smaller ones that can be placed on side tables or planter boxes.


Custom-build of cedar/black picket railings around deck and stairs.

How Your Deck Integrates with Your Home

Making certain your deck repairs have accomplished what you wanted is important. Does the deck go well with the home design and color? The accessories should be chosen to enhance the home. For example, if you have a log home, add rustic accessories to create a great look. If you are adding lighting to your deck area, match it to existing outdoor lighting. Choose railings of the same type as steps if your home has them.

Contact Mr. Build, the deck restoration experts at (604) 798-9333 to discuss your construction needs.

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Chilliwack Rancher Renovations

What’s a Rancher?

A rancher refers to a house that only has one level and contains certain architectural features. These homes typically have the following features:

  • Long roofline
  • Open floor plan
  • Large picture window
  • Patio with sliding glass doors
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Attached garage
  • Bedrooms and living areas in different parts of the home

Before – Open carport converted to an enclosed garage in a rancher-style home, including installation of side door, window and garage door with opener as well as framing in the side walls.

Common Rancher Style Home Renovations

Rancher-style homes have a certain nostalgic charm to them, but that doesn’t mean they need to keep the same look for decades. There are several ways to make changes to a rancher style home with the help of a renovation contractor. Some of the most common types of renovations for these homes include the following:

  • Putting in more windows: One of the drawbacks of rancher style homes is that their interiors can seem dark, which can create a closed-in look and feel. Adding windows helps bring in more natural light that can make these homes seem more open and airy.
  • Choosing lighter floors and walls: Rancher style homes typically have dark wood paneling on the walls and dark carpeting, hardwood or vinyl floors. One of the most effective ways to update the look of these homes is to remove dark wall paneling and paint the walls in a lighter color. Darker carpets and floors can be replaced with lighter tones.
  • Removing popcorn ceilings: This ceiling style, which dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, can make homes look old and dated. Replacing it with a lighter color and a smooth texture or smooth can make these homes look more modern.

After – The home was re-sided with SmartSide Panel horizontal siding with all-new 2X6 door and window trims.

History of Rancher-Style Homes

Rancher-style homes date back to the 1920s, although they didn’t become a common architectural style until the 1940s. These one-level homes, which were first built in the United States, were among the most common types of houses from the 1940s through the 1970s. Although they first appeared in the U.S., they became a popular architectural style in Canada and other countries as well. Rancher-style homes started to become less common in the late 1900s, but they have been experiencing a revival.

Seniors and Rancher-Style Homes

Seniors typically prefer living in rancher-style homes rather than homes with more than one level. In fact, 88 percent of seniors prefer rancher style homes according to a study done by the National Association of Home Builders. These homes provide seniors with a safer and more comfortable living environment, especially if they are have mobility problems. Seniors who live in these homes do not have to worry about going up and down stairs, which helps reduce the risk of falls. These homes also make it easier for seniors with arthritis and other medical conditions to get around, since every room is on the same level.

If you’re looking for a home construction or renovation company, and need more information on doing a home renovation, contact Mr. Build Contracting. We offer reliable, high-quality Abbotsford and Chilliwack renovations. Whether you need kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or basement renovations, we can provide you with exceptional home builder services.

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Chilliwack Commercial Renovations Contractor

A commercial or home renovation begins with choosing the right contractor. When you need an addition, an upgrade, or a total renovation, Mr. Build can help. We have been doing Abbotsford renovations and Chilliwack renovations for more than 20 years. Does your business need modifications to allow better functionality? Perhaps you would like to replace an outdated warehouse or office space. Do you need a guesthouse, a barn, or a garage added to your property? Regardless of what type of renovations are needed, here are a few things that need to be considered first.


Industrial office renovation in existing warehouse, including office space, front entry and sidewalks.

Have a Budget

One of the first things you will need to think about is a budget. There are very few people who can just have commercial or home construction or renovations done at any price. A budget will keep you on track, whether it is an office renovation, warehouse renovation, washroom renovations, basement renovations, or any type of house renovation.

Renovation companies such as Mr. Build can provide the initial consultation to provide you with estimated costs of the project. This can include preliminary sketches for what you have in mind. With our experience in all types of commercial and house renovation, we know exactly what it takes for renovations, new construction, and upgrades.


Extensive interior and exterior renovation completed on a commercial building – the interior was gutted out and renovated as per interior designer’s specifications.

Separate Your Needs and Wants

Before making any decisions on what will be included for the commercial renovation, decide what is actually needed and what you would like to have. There is a difference. Needed features or additions are why the renovation was even being considered in the first place. If it is not something that adds to the functionality, it is likely a want. Ask yourself if it is going to be helpful in anyway. Is it going to increase profits? If not, it is a want that should only be considered after what is needed. This holds true for commercial improvements or complete building projects.

The Process of Commercial Renovations

What is involved in the commercial renovations process? There are several things to consider such as city codes and permits. Rather than allowing the commercial renovation to become overwhelming, one of the best ways to keep track during the entire process is to utilize a commercial renovations checklist. This will help keep everything flowing smoothly from beginning to end during the entire process.


We constructed a timber-frame trellis, replaced the exterior window and doors, added new HardiePlank siding, and made new concrete stairs as well as a wheelchair ramp.

The following is an example of a commercial renovations checklist:

  • Inspection of the site
  • The commercial renovation concept
  • Get the plans together
  • Design of the diagrams that specify all aspects of the project
  • Procure permits
  • Submit the permits
  • Choose the general contractor or site manager

When you need commercial renovations, home renos, or an addition to your home or business, Mr. Build is an excellent choice for all your needs. We have the experience and the expertise to handle virtually any project. Simply call (604) 798-9333 for a free consultation. Our team will be happy to assist you with all your building needs.

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Build a Hobby Farm Barn in Chilliwack, BC


Fir timber-framed post and beam structure timber-stained with Cedar Sikkens product.

What is a Hobby Farm?

A hobby farm is a smallholding that is maintained for a purpose other than a primary source of income. The majority of farms in America are hobby farms. They are often associated with a larger farm, and both properties share common resources. Hobby farms are lifestyle choices by established farmers who want to experiment with different methods. Hobby farms are also a way to reduce your property tax.

Spacious interior of hobby farm.

Hobby Farm Barn Construction

Mapping out a sketch of the barn design will leave no questions unanswered. Mr. Build barn builders can give you feedback on your design, and resolve logistical complications with ease. Important factors include the number of animals, nearby terrain, and access to driveways and roads. A strong barn may have three or more buildings for stability. Connecting these buildings by indoor corridors or underground walkways is especially useful for the cold winter months.

Gambrel roof design, exterior cladded with HardiePanel board, and cultured stone placed across the front of the barn.

Here are other features and functions of a typical hobby farm barn:
  • Hot water – A good water heater can minimize your power bill by recycling heat. Use hot water to treat injuries and sustain animals.
  • Washroom – You will not need to go outdoors if you have a washroom inside the barn. This can save a large amount of time in the long run.
  • Solar power – Solar power can be an excellent way to power your farm. It is sustainable, renewable, and consistent. Install panels that align with the sun.
  • Tractor – While a tractor might be intimidating, it is extremely convenient for a busy farm. Choose a small tractor that you can store inside a shed. Use it to smooth out the ground and transport items across fields.

This structure makes for a great barn for horses, chickens, goats and sheep!

Equipment for Hobby Farm Barns

If you are not familiar with the scope of a barn project, it is easy to underestimate the necessary equipment. By envisioning growth in the future, your farm will have room to grow.

Utilities for Barn Building

Each station should have electricity running to the appropriate equipment. If you want your farm to be a stable source of income, reliable power is necessary to continue operations at all hours. In addition to electricity, an adequate water supply is paramount. Research the water requirements for each animal; this can change depending on quantity, species, and season. In summer months, be prepared to direct more water to the barn and check for common signs of dehydration.

Hobby farm barn construction complete.

Insurance for Hobby Farm Barns

Securing insurance for your barn is a long term investment that can pay off heavily. Consider working with a different insurance company than the one that handles your original property. There are farm insurance entities that specialize in barn construction. As property insurance is closely related to health insurance, your health insurance provider can determine if you are eligible for any hidden discounts.

Contact Mr. Build to discuss your next hobby farm barn project!

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