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Dream Barn and Cow Loafing Area

Mr. Build constructs custom barns of all sizes. Why choose Mr. Build to build your dream barn? Our company is built on longtime relationships with clients and suppliers that provide us with a network of support. Our clients love to recommend us and our suppliers provide us with the best materials so we can build quality barns that exceed expectations.

Imagine It:

Can you imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment you’ll feel when you stand on your property looking at your newly built dream barn? Perhaps it’s got a raised roof, lined with solar panels, a spacious interior, thick plywood floors, large sliding doors, floor heating, and a warmly furnished office with a large desk and unique arched windows. Whether you’ve had your barn for years and feel like it’s time for a change or you’ve just decided to build your first barn, make sure you get the barn of your dreams.

You’ve already completed the first step, which is to find the right builders who specialize in creating custom barns for clients with big dreams. The Mr. Build team will be right there with you every step of the way, providing building plans, discussing ideas and helping you get the permits you need. We are the experts in turning dream barns into reality. You can expect the highest level of attention to detail from us. We will listen to your ideas and incorporate all the elements you want your barn to have. We’re also here to lend our expertise in the best barn-building practices, so building your dream barn will involve plenty of informed discussion and exciting building plans.

With a dream barn built by Mr. Build, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your barn. Your dream barn will be built with the foundations that will help it last. The barn will have a highly stable structure and the great adaptability that will help it weather the changing seasons and the changing times. We understand the needs of your barn animals and the barn of your dreams will not only be beautiful, but also have amazing functionality. A custom built barn can only make your life better, easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Let’s create a safe place for you to work and relax, streamlining the process of feeding, watering, cleaning and maintaining your animals.

We Think About It So You Don’t Have To:

  1. Dream Barn Ventilation
    Air quality is important for the health and wellness of both you and your animals. That is why our builders design with air quality in mind. When you have Mr. Build building your dream barn, you know that your barn will have proper ventilation, preventing excess moisture, dust and bacteria buildup.
  2. Dream Barn Lighting
    Gentle natural light is comforting to everyone, so Mr. Build considers how sunlight will filter into your dream barn during different times of the day. For electrical lights, we can discuss different options that provide savings in both energy and cost.
  3. Dream Barn Energy
    How will you power your lights, run your appliances and heat or cool your barn? For the serious future-thinkers, we offer the latest in energy alternatives, such as geo-thermal energy and solar energy. After all, this is a dream barn we’re talking about – we want you to love it for years to come. Geothermal energy is highly efficient for heating and cooling large spaces and barn roofs are perfect surfaces for placing solar panels. If these aren’t options you’ve thought of before, feel free to ask us about it.


Gordon G.

“John and his team did a great job in building our carriage home for us. Everything was done as agreed to and had no issues at all including the timelines. They handles all the permits and helped us out with the design. Appreciate the professional service and kindness.”

Leisa Munro

“These guys are awesome! I’ve had a few contractors in my days and John and his crew are by far the best, ever! From day one, he was quick, efficient and a work horse, all of them! John presented the best solutions and ideas, it was like he was in my head. Highly recommended. Thanks John and all your crew.”

Richard Henderson

“We had our windows and front entrance replaced. The concrete stairs and front brick was removed. A new set of stairs and landing were constructed. The brick was replaced with cultured stone. I am quite satisfied with the completed project. John’s crew and the sub trades did a great job.”

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